Frequently Asked Questions

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No need to carry an extra cable, the reader doesn’t need to be charged!
It works with a lithium button cell CR 2032. When the reader stops powering on, change the battery by opening the cover on the back of the reader by sliding it out.

Of course, we are the only ones currently able to analyze fat mass breakdown in real time. It required 5 years of Research & Development and we have filed patents to secure our technology.

DietSee must be used after each workout session within 15 minutes after stopping the activity.

You do not need to always take a measurement before the session because the basal (resting) level of glycerol varies only slightly for the same individual. During the first 3 sessions, you can take a measurement before working out to evaluate your basal level.

Absolutely not 😊. The micro-shot at the fingertip is painless and only a few μL (or a micro-drop of blood) is collected.

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