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« I finally got an answer to the question I’ve been asking myself for more than 20 years! Why wasn’t I losing weight, in spite of working out regularly and intensely?

With the LSee measuring device and the wise advice of Mathieu, a nutrition coach, I was able both to understand how my metabolism works and to control my diet so that I could lose fat mass and slim down.

I lost 4 kg in 1.5 months, and I have great athletic prospects. ;). »

« I had the opportunity to join the Premium LSee program, with a nutritional monitoring along with workout sessions.
From a nutritional point of view, it helped me to become more aware of my eating method, which was completely inappropriate. […]

Measuring with the strips is very motivating, whether it is about eating correctly or doing an adjusted workout. I was able to monitor my results as I progressed (so no loss of motivation during the program).

I feel much better, both mentally and physically, I have lost weight (without losing muscle): I am very happy I was able to join this program. It’s motivating and effective!  »


« My experience with LSee has been very positive. On the first day, I came with a few extra pounds and a high athletic goal.
Matthieu was very helpful. We started by working on my eating habits […] Once these habits had changed, we started training on my workout method. Once again, with a personal follow-up and their own technology, we discussed how to optimize my training to combine work and weight loss.

In short, LSee helped me reach my weight goal through:
1/ A personalized follow-up on a daily basis.
2/ Relevant and interesting technologies.
3/ Wise advice


« Diet and the yo-yo effect are two terms that have been part of my life for the past few years. […]

When I found out about LSee, I wanted to trust my coaches completely because this program guaranteed to adapt to my needs, my morphology and the way my body burns fat. […] LSee was not just a diet for me, LSee has become a way of life. As a result, I learned that losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean dieting. […] I can vary my nutrition, but also my physical activities while keeping an eye on this amazing box to see if I am on the right track or not.

Thank you LSee for changing my life, changing my lifestyle and changing my approach to food. »